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At Quality Fleet Services, we provide complete service for your medium to heavy duty truck or vehicle needs. Our services range from routine services like oil changes to a complete engine or transmission rebuild. We're confident we can provide the service you're looking for. Below is a list of the more common services we routinely perform.

Preventative Maintenance:

From the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 396.3:

“Every motor carrier and inter-modal equipment provider must systematically inspect, repair, and maintain, or cause to be systematically inspected, repaired, and maintained, all motor vehicles and inter-modal equipment subject to its control.” 

A P.M. Service performed at Quality Fleet Services can help you meet the FMCA requirements of section 396.3. We will change your motor oil and all filters including the transmission spin on filter. A two-page report is generated showing all items we checked including emergency and service brakes, air system, steering components, all lights, tire tread depth and pressure, fuel system, air system, external engine components, transmission and differentials, current Inspection dates, all in cab items, required equipment and all components on your truck that suffer from wear and tear. All fluid levels are checked and topped off. We look for any existing problems or future problems that can lead to a breakdown on the road or an extended visit with the DOT at any roadside Inspection. We can repair any items identified at our new facility in Sterling, Va.

Repair Services:
  • Light and electrical

  • Transmission and Differential

  • Brakes, Service and Emergency, Air and Hydraulic

  • Air System for leaks and application issues

  • Engine electronic and emission systems

  • Battery and charging systems

  • Electronic modules

  • Steering systems

  • FHWA Inspections

  • Virginia State Inspections, Unlimited

  • Wheel end/ wheel bearings

  • Roll up and Swing doors

  • Vac Trucks

  • Shredding Equipment

  • Trailer Repairs

  • Regular Scheduled Service

  • Liftgate Repairs

  • PTO/Hydraulic Systems

  • Welding

Clutch Repairs:
If you are experiencing clutch slippage or having trouble getting your truck in gear without forcing it, the clutch may need to be replaced. We will replace the clutch, machine the flywheel in house and only use Spicer/Eaton NEW Clutched along with the clutch brake and pilot bearing. We have never had a Spicer/Eaton clutch fail. Clutch replaced can be done in one or two days.
Brake Repairs:
We will check your brakes and let you know if they need to be replaced now or in the near future. Relined brake shoes with new hardware is used, Brake drums are measured and replaced if needed. Emergency and service side brake applications are tested to make sure your brakes are in top shape.
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